If you are interested in our kitten from our breed, please make contact with us: Contact


Our kitten are raised with lots of love and care and leave our very good socialzied home after the 15th week after birth. The are by then house-trained, dewormed, vaccinated and chipped. Every cat leaves with a package for the kitten to take in his new home including pedigree of TICA Cats e.v.


We dont give any kitten as individual housing.

Many believe, that cats are solitary, because its often written like that about cats in general. This is only partly correct.  A cat is only solitary while huntig. In all other situations, a cat is very attracted to groups. Cats love a social life, they need partners to cuddle and to play. A human is NEVER a replacement for another cat, no matter how much time the humans spends at home with the cat!


Of course, we are available after the sale of a kitten if you have any questions or concerns and would love to get some news from time to time about 'our babys'.

The kitten are sold with a contract and a castration condition (deposit already included in sale price). There is reservation fee due when you decide yourself for a kitten. Then there is a contract created and when the payment is received, the reservation is confirmed. The reservation fee will be kept by the breeder, if the contract would be cancelled by the buyer.


Additional information:The blurry, fuzzy coat is called the fuzzy-phase. More information about this phase can be found here: Bengal cat.


Here you can find additional information about our C-litter from july 12th 2017.

Our B-litter was born on november 8th 2015.