About Us - ShineBright Cattery

We are a small home cattery from Switzerland, in Lausen BL. The bengal cats move around free in our apartement and are very good socialized. Bengal cats are for sure wilder than the usual domestic cat, but also very affectionate and curious. Their wildness can be seen during their extensive playtime, or when a fly flew thorugh an open window.


About 10 years ago, the breed caught our attention for the first time. We felt in love especially with their optic and their personality. The health of our animals is very important to us, so with being an veterinarian assistant, they are in perfect hands.


We have decided to breed the Bengalcats and are members at TICA Cats e.v. Germany and USA.


The Bengalcats are the only breed with glitter in their coat. Because of this glittereffect, we have decided to call our cattery ShineBright. This lighteffect can be seen best live, especially when the sunlight shines directly on the fur.


Because of our desire to countries and  beautiful islands, that are far away, all of our cats are named after islands of the world.